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Policies for Personal Care Homes are Here!

Hello everyone, the time has finally come!  Personal Care Home Policies are here and available to you.  If you’ve ever gone to a consultant for help with this, you know that they can charge into the thousands to write policies for you.  Well, now you can buy them one at a time, if  money is tight right now, which I bet it is (isn’t it for everyone?) I made the process simple and painless;  just pay a nominal charge, download and the policies are ready to be used as soon as you print them! How great is that?  Currently I am offering 14 different policies that you can select based on your needs.  You may need just one policy or all 14 its up to you!  Each policy is individually sold and priced to make it easier and more cost effective for you.  After years of requests from my wonderful loyal bloggers I wanted to make life a little easier for you as you embark on this path to operate a Personal Care Home.  It takes a loving caring person to get into this business to provide this service and I applaud each of you.

Take Care!

20 Responses

  1. Want to purchase policies and procedures for PCh asap. Please send me a price list and more info.

    • Please go to the top green tab and click on Purchase Policies. There you will see a list of policies, a description of them and the price. Click on the shopping cart and select your payment option! Its that easy.

  2. Please let me know how I can purchase policies and procedures for a Personal Care Home in Georgia.


  3. Hi. Glad I found your blog. I am a physical therapist (home health care) and am in the beginning stages of considering opening a PCH. Have reviewed the Georgia application packet and find it quite intimidating. Is it your intention that all of your policies and procedures available for purchase cover all items on the checklist? Or are there 1 or more specific requirements that you know are not yet covered? Thanks!

  4. Please let me know the cost of policies and procedures for personal care homes

    • You can get some off this blog using the green tab above. You can email me at pchpolicies@gmail.com if you need help with purchasing all of them. How many do u need? What state are you in?

    • The cost for the policies on this blog are listed when you click the green tab up above the title page. It will give you a brief description of the policy and the cost. If you need more information, just email me at pchpolicies@gmail.com

  5. please email prices for policies?

    • if you click on the tab you will see the prices.

      • I have clicked the tabs for the prices & emailed you twice…no luck with the tabs & still awaiting a response from you via e-mail…:-(

      • I’m sorry. Are you clicking on the tabs at the top of the page? what’s happening when you click the tab? Are you trying to purchase policies?

  6. Do you have policies and procedures for opening a DD group home in Oregon?

  7. Policies and procedures for personal care home in Georgia

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